Transit Media Advertising: Suitable for All or Not?

  • Offline Marketing
  • 19 May, 2023

As a business owner in 2023 you probably know something about the balancing act businesses have to perform between digital and OOH advertising avenues. 

Investing in both mediums is crucial to attract the right growth for your business. 

However, given the rise in ad blockers, getting your message across in the digital domain is becoming harder. The chances of people viewing your ad or branding message is quite slim. 

So, to ensure that you get your ad across to the right audiences, transit media advertising is a worthy tool. 

However, is advertising on transit medium suitable for your business? Read to know more in this blog. 

Transit Media Ads Are Suitable When Targeting A Particular Locality

If your business wants to target a specific geographical area, then this form of advertising is particularly effective. As the transit media follows a particular and unchangeable route, it is viewed by only those people living along that route. So, if you own a local business, it makes sense to use this form of advertising as the advertisement will target a particular neighbourhood only.

Transit Media Ads Are Suitable When Targeting The Middle Class

If your target audience is middle-class, then transit media advertising is significantly more useful for you as your audience boards the bus on a regular basis. You can make use of interior cards in this case, which are the small advertisement cards placed inside the vehicle.

If your aim is to target upper class audiences, interior cards are of no use for you. Instead, you can choose to advertise via the exterior bus wrap as those audiences can view the ad from their personal vehicles. 

Transit Media Ads Are Suitable When Targeting The General Population

If your business is very niche then bus or transit media is not the right choice in advertising. However, if yours is a product that is usable by many people and is very common, then you will certainly benefit from this type of advertising. Specialised and niche businesses should avoid transit media advertising, choosing other media instead.  

Transit Media Ads Are Suitable When You Have A Substantial Budget

If you are highly limited by budget, transit media advertising is not the best choice for your business. For effective advertising using in-transit vehicles, you need to have a substantial budget. 

Summing Up

There is no doubt that in-transit advertising is suitable for certain business categories only. Businesses that are targeting a specific neighbourhood or a particular class of people or have products that are generic or have a substantial budget should advertise on transit media. This kind of advertising is not suitable for every business type.