5 Ways to Do Effective Billboard Advertising

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  • 03 Apr, 2023

Billboards are an outdoor advertising mechanism that still yields commendable results. Research indicates that around 71% of commuters look at billboard advertising when they are driving. Given the number of eyeballs this form of advertising grabs, it makes sense that this advertising is done effectively and carefully, with a focus on strategy, design, and message.

In today’s blog, we will tell you how we go about billboard advertising! Take a look.

Strategy First Approach

Before one even designs the billboard, one needs to talk about strategy. One needs to know which location is good for the billboard, whether the sun’s path will cause glare, the approach time, the viewing angle, etc. These are all criteria that determine the strategy. The design, the colour combination, and the message will stem from an approved strategy.

8-second Message

It takes around 8 seconds for the billboard to be summed up by a driver. This includes the message, the colour, the font, the symbol, the words, everything! In 8 seconds your message needs to be delivered and understood by the driver. We can advise you on whether your message is understood in 8 seconds or not.

Use Images Instead of Words

This is a simple lesson learned in a nursery. Show, don’t tell. You can use impactful images to get the attention of the viewer instead of explaining things to them using words. The image which is used in the advertisement should be clear and there should be no ambiguity about what they wish to convey.

Consider the Surroundings

When you choose to enter the domain of billboard advertising, you need to consider the surroundings of the advertisement. For example, if you put a billboard of a beach in a desert area, chances are people won’t glance at it. However, choosing a tropical forest billboard will certainly have people glancing at it.

Make a Big Impact

When you opt for billboard advertising, you should go all out and make a big impact. Impactful billboards, whether static or digital, should steal the senses of the viewer. It’s important to keep the drivers and passers-by invested in the message of the billboard. Hence, the billboard needs to be designed carefully and portray the message properly.

billboard advertising


Billboard advertising is still a popular means by which one can get one’s message across to the masses at a fraction of the cost of digital ads. Also, add a QR code to the ad so that the users can easily purchase your product or learn more about it. Have a direct or indirect call to action so that the user is compelled to make a move.