5 Reasons You Need Transit Media Advertising in 2023

  • Offline Marketing
  • 13 Mar, 2023

The use of public transport like buses, trains, cars, and autos, to display advertisements is known as transit media advertising. It’s a great way to reach the masses and build awareness about your brand or business. But in 2023 which can be considered the height of the digital period, is transit media still relevant?

We take a look at 5 reasons that should convince you about the importance of this type of advertising. 

5 Reasons Transit Media Advertising Is Still Relevant in 2023

  • Scope for Innovation 

With transit media, you can be wackily and crazily innovative. You can use the bus or train to showcase something about your brand that ordinarily will not be the case in digital creatives. 

Hence, transit media has become more innovative, more engaging, and certainly more useful for grabbing the attention of the end audience. It can be over-the-top and very entertaining as well. So, in 2023, you can opt for transit media advertising as a way to showcase your brand’s innovative mind-set. 

  • Target Specific Routes

With transit media, you can target specific routes in a city or town. For example, if the bus route targets neighbourhoods that are wealthy, you can choose ads that are more suited to their appetites. 

  • No Way to Ignore

With transit media advertising, there is no way you can ignore or get the ad out of the way! You cannot skip the ad as you would in the case of ads on YouTube nor can you turn the television to another channel. Bus, car, and train advertising is in your face and hard to ignore! 

  • Any Brand Can Opt for It

Any brand can opt for transit media advertising. It’s a type of advertising that suits all brands. From luxury products to FMCG products, as long as the advertising is unique and eye-catching, it will achieve its target. So, any brand or business can benefit from ads on transit media. 

  • One Advertisement, Multiple Locations

With one advertisement you can target multiple audiences. Transit media advertising is very useful in that the average cost per customer is very low. So with one advertisement, you can target multiple locations. There is no need for multiple costs per location. 


If you are looking for transit media advertising, reach out to Veritaas Advertising. We will help you with the places where your business can advertise and choose the right routes or places. 

Since there is a large viewership, you can gain plenty of potential leads which will help you build your business further.