3 Reasons Transit Media Advertising Builds Trust For Your Brand

  • Offline Marketing
  • 24 Apr, 2023

“69% of consumers find OOH trustworthy” - Statista

Outdoor advertising is slowly regaining popularity as businesses open up and people begin to commute. One of the avenues of outdoor advertising, transit media advertising, happens to be one of the most trustable forms of Out-Of-Home advertising at present. 

Frankly, the internet may have simplified things, but it certainly made life annoying for shoppers. First, there’s that inescapable feeling that one is being spied upon by the major search engines like Google and Bing all in the name of providing relevant user experience.

Second, internet advertisements seem to ‘follow' a person around the web (aka retargeting in advertising speak). This has led 30% of Internet browsers to install an ad blocker, effectively killing the efforts of the digital marketing coterie.  

Now that people are out in full force and transit media advertising has regained its position as a viable advertising medium, let’s look at some reasons why this form of advertising speedily builds up trust in the mind of the audience. 

3 Reasons People Trust Transit Media Advertising 

Trust plays an important role in business. If people view your advertising with positive eyes, trust is immediately built up in the mind of the buyer.

Outdoor advertising avenues  like transit media advertising rank very high on the trust factor. Why is that? We’ve listed some probable reasons.

  • Reason #1: It’s Tangible 

The primary reason advertising on transit media (public transportation like buses, trains, trams, planes, autos. rickshaws, etc.) is kicking off big time is because there’s an element of trust that people automatically feel towards tangible things. 

The Internet is a peddler of all things fake. At least that’s the feeling among the post pandemic age. Scams and fake information spread easily on the web without any curb. Neither is this good for business nor is it good for buyers. 

So, if you want your business to make a genuine connection with the audience, outdoor advertisements could be a trustworthy  option. 

  • Reason #2: It’s Familiar

You probably take the same bus to work everyday. One way of recognising “your” bus is with the help of the wrap around the bus. 

This makes the ad on the bus more familiar to you. It’s a mental association that is built up over time creating trust and familiarity. When there is a positive association with the ad, it automatically translates to that business as well.  

Repeatedly seeing the same ad boosts brand familiarity further sending trust levels about that brand through the roof! 

  • Reason #3:  It’s Big-Budget

Someone has paid money to wrap a bus with their ad, that itself helps to associate the ad with a tangible entity who is well-heeled. In digital marketing, usually people do not associate the ads with brick and mortar stores. Hence, transit media advertising builds trust subconsciously. 

Wrapping Up 

Team and team members of Veritaas have been working in the field of transit media advertising for 30+ years. We can help your business gain the trust it seeks with effective outdoor advertising. 

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